Alice's Attic

The old trunk in the attic is ancient and dusty,
and filled with great treasures
though yellowed and musty.
There are lockets and letters
and old dolls with curls,
From days long ago
when grandmas were girls.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Treasures!

The summer is just around the corner. If only we could get Spring to show up!!! I can feel it though. Soon the dark gloomy days will be filled with sunshine, beach days, and boat filled waters! I can't wait to take advantage of the warmer weather!!!! I love to walk on the beach and see what I can discover. My favorite of course is Sea glass. I've always been captivated by each and every piece no matter how large or small.

Nantasket Beach Sea Glass

These are a few of my finds on my last walk. It's amazing how rare sea glass has become. I plan to save all my glass and dump it into the ocean way out to sea off Nantasket Beach. I'd much rather see it become beautiful sea glass than end up in a landfill somewhere. Who knows? maybe it will come back to me.

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