Alice's Attic

The old trunk in the attic is ancient and dusty,
and filled with great treasures
though yellowed and musty.
There are lockets and letters
and old dolls with curls,
From days long ago
when grandmas were girls.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So much eye candy, so little time

There's so much social media out there it's hard to keep track. I can get lost on the computer all day between Pinterest, twitter, blogs, Facebook, yahoo groups, ETSY, etc. etc. I can skip around from blog to blog and spend hours before I even realize half the day is gone. I just don't have that luxury, I need to get working!!! So much eye candy, so little time! I tend to not spend the time I should updating all my own blogs, Facebook pages, twitter, etc.

Currently I've been busy with ETSY orders. I sure do have the world greatest customers!!!! Now that the summer is over and the T-shirts are taking a little break I look forward to getting a little more serious with my "Old Blue". That's what I call my Wishblade. I need to dust it off and get it singing. There are so many great Halloween projects that i've just been drooling over. But until then I thought I'd post some pics of projects i'm currently working on.


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