Alice's Attic

The old trunk in the attic is ancient and dusty,
and filled with great treasures
though yellowed and musty.
There are lockets and letters
and old dolls with curls,
From days long ago
when grandmas were girls.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cool color trends for Fall

Ever wonder about color trends?
 You go to stores and mall's and color clusters can be found everywhere and they are often the same. There is much ado about who chooses the trends and how they're formed. Some think the street dictates what is trendy while some think the major industries decide. Others think its a combo of both. The fashion industry and the home fashion industry does have a huge influence. Pantone announces their color trends for the upcoming season and it creates a lot of buzz. You can check it out here  But for my fellow crafters and etsians what really matters is what the trends are and not so much where they come from.

Check out this great trend watch from Shelter Pop . It was a great link through the Etsy success tools! Go ahead and take a browse all the yummy goodies out there. The idea is to keep the big things neutral and change out the little things. So go and accessorize. You have the inside scoop!!!!! I'd love to hear some feedback on how you'd like to make little changes in your home to bring you joy or liven it up!!

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